World Without Facebook

Can You Imagine Your Life Without Facebook? The blog **singlegrain** imagined how our life would look like without Facebook using an infographic designed by **obizmedia**.

Websites like Myspace and Bebo, which came before Facebook, already had all features listed on this infographic. They provided their users with all these capabilities and features; images, videos, events, groups, etc. were all taken care of; however, failed eventually to Facebook. The point is, “what would we do without facebook? Use "………"”, where "………." is any social networking website. The true question that needs to be addressed is "What would we do without social websites?"; Social websites became an invincible part of our life that we all use and appreciate.

This infographic implies that Facebook is the most innovative idea that prevailed thanks to its originality; however, some claims that Facebook’s success is the normal result for myspace’s failure. Facebook was just another social website ,but, with an original implementation and perfect timing "people were open to something new, because myspace started failing", it succeeded .