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One of the people who had gained fame off of Youtube is Justin Bieber. His music career started out like any other 15 year old, with recordings in his bedroom through his webcam or at his school recital with his mother providing the commentary and the shaky camera work.

Bieber and his mother uploaded videos onto the internet and focused mainly on Youtube. His purpose was to have his friends comment on his videos and to seek advice and comments from random internet viewers. What was not expected was that music executive Scooter Braun would be one of those viewers (Gulfnews).

After accidentally watching a video of Justin, Braun was impressed and decided to track down Justin and watch him perform. He eventually asked his mother for permission to sign him to “Raymond Braun Media Group” (RBMG), a joint venture between Braun and Usher. The result was Justin Bieber signed up, and he became an international sensation and teen heart throb over night.

In a matter of two years, he had managed to record an EP, an album, collaborate with some of the biggest names in the music business, get nominated for two Grammy awards, and win four American Music Awards (Neon Limelight).

Not only did Youtube begin his career, it’s also a vital cog in its continuation. His music video “Baby” became the most viewed video of all time on Youtube on the 16th of July 2010 after taking over Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” The video now has over 500 million views (Vancouver Observer).

Even though Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance is no longer the most viewed video of all time on Youtube, her Youtube page is still a hub for her fans around the world, whom she calls “Little Monsters,” (Press of Atlanta City)

All of her Youtube videos have managed to get millions of views and likes, her popularity is rising. Even though relatively new in the music business, Lady Gaga had an impact on society through her videos on Youtube.

Even though her songs are very melodic and catchy, to Lady Gaga, it’s all about the imagery. Her videos are very imaginative and some even provide social commentary on certain issues such as LGBT rights of which she is a strong supporter. They also provide an artistic view of herself in which she can truly express what she feels. Combining stage theatrics, crazy wardrobes, and raw sexuality, Lady Gaga has sent a message to the masses saying it’s ok to be different. No one needs to conform (Forbes).


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