Although we may seem somehow disconcerned about where do our personal online information go simply after posting or sharing them with friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, internet experts are encouraging online users recently to start worrying about the real usage of such information by websites which seem to be gaining a lot from a business or commercial prespective. Those internet experts basically claim that, in most cases, such information is given to marketers and advertisers who obtain this information for the aim of targeting potential customers who may seems interested in specific products or services. Not only that, but such internet experts do raise this issue of considering old accounts on social networks like Hi5 and Myspace which are perecived now by online users as old-fashioned after being replaced by Facebook and Twitter. I was suprised to find out that some companies specifically in the United States are specialized in tracking the online users' old information and helping them to get rid of them within a short period of time upon the request of such users who typically pay a considerable amount of money for the sake of getting rid of this information forever. Actually, many writers and journalists wrote about this topic of immortality of personal online information where they pledged the different authorities to act upon this problem and end the online communities' endless worries about the protection of their online data. However, we hear of such incidents where a person's old photo or contact information on the internet brings him/her misery after such a long time where this person was expecting that this old information would not be available anymore or maybe he/she thought that no one would have access to it. In the next pages, i will be talking in detail about the immortality of online information while getting to expose what people wrote about this specific topic. Moreover, there will be some statistics and visual representations of this topic which is quite related to the broader topic of internet privacy and security. Finally, i will reach a conclusion that may seem reasonable enough for some of you who would be cautious about sharing their own information online.