Internet Celebrities

Because Youtube was a popular website online, that led to user flocking on to that ‘url’ seeking for a new way to express themselves, via video. Out of the millions of users, there were a select few who became instant hits on the internet and that transformed them into pseudo celebrities. Some of these celebrities were lucky enough to catch a big break offline.

One of the most famous videos on Youtube currently is called “Charlie Bit My Finger” or “Charlie Bit Me”. The video that went viral, now has over 325 million vies on Youtube. The 56 second clip is about two English siblings. The younger brother known as Charlie bites his older brother’s finger, Harry (Time).

The father says that he was just documenting the kids together so they can have videos of them growing up. He never thought that clip was special until he watched it again and thought it was funny. He then proceeded to upload it to the internet in order to share it with the god father of the children who lived abroad.

The mechanism of sharing memories was available and was very useful but the purpose that the children’s father had in mind for the video was not translated into the video view count. The video went viral straight away and he started receiving lovely messages and comments from fans. Now he uploads a video of the kids every six weeks (The Times).

The exigency changed from sharing a video with someone special to updating millions of fans on how the internet superstars are doing. The family has received endorsements from plenty of companies and cash from advertisements shown in the newly uploaded videos. This fluke managed to give them a better income and lifestyle (The Times).

Matthew Harding aka “Matt” gained popularity by performing a trick for a couple of laughs. He was always known for a unique dance and he would do it on many occasions so when he travelled to Vietnam, he was asked by a friend to perform the dance on video in front of a major landmark (WebCitation).

He then decided to do that as a ritual wherever he travels, so along the years he compiled multiple videos of him doing his dance center screen. He compiled all the videos into one and decided to send it to some friends for a laugh; little did he know that his video would spread across the internet and become viral.

With the help of Stride gum, he managed to record another dancing video in 2006. The gum brand sponsored his video in return for financing his travels so he can cover more of the globe. He was then used sponsored by lots of traveling agencies that were the source of even more cash flow so he can cover more areas in the world for more videos (Washington Post).

As a result of hard work, labor, and choreography Harding released a third dancing video on the 20th of June, 2008. This video is the result of traveling to 42 countries in 14 months. This video along with the Youtube boom managed to attain over 33 million views.


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