Information Overload

Information Overload

The term Information Overload is something you often hear this days. In fact the term is not a new term at all, but the way the term is often referred to these days are when we are talking technology and especially, the Internet. Because of the increased opportunities made available for us from Internet, we are introduced to a massive amount of information at the same time. And sometimes it becomes too much for us to handle. When we find ourselves in that certain situation, this is because of the information overload.


It is quite obvious that with the development of technology and especially the Internet, we are able to gather more information in a shorter period of time than before Internet, mobile phones and e-mail existed. Everyone has the ability to come up with some kind of information if they want to. Just start a blog or get a Twitter account, and try to get some followers. The possibilities are huge. The need to provide information is bigger than before, because of the emergence of blogs, social networks and online access to newspapers. Most newspapers have free access to their online sections which gives you an easy and quick alternative to buying a newspaper, and as mentioned blogs and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have also given people a chance to get their views heard and seen.

There is huger competition than ever before on providing news and information to the public, and we are the ones whos exposed for all this information. The reach of information is larger and everyone with access to the Internet can read news that before only were available in the newspapers. With all of this information available we have to make some choices. Before you walked to the store and bought your daily newspaper. Or maybe you got it delivered on your door. You did not take the time to (or have the time to) read New York Times, Herald Tribune, Economist, Newsweek and Time while you were having your morning breakfast. Today it is different. Who recieves the information is also changing. The audience is bigger and news is posted everywhere. When we think of the massive opportunities we have, the reach and amount of information seems like a good thing. But is it necessarily a good thing, and if not, what does this information overload do with us as human beings?

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