In an information world that provides everything we need, we have become impatient. We want things, and we want them now. We take the things that we already have for granted. Having things provided for us has become the default, and waiting is becoming more and more unbearable. In a world that gives us any kind of information we need right away it gets harder and harder to imagine a world in which we have to strive for information. Our impatience in obtaining information has reflected on our impatience in life.


We can’t stand traffic jams, we can’t tolerate a slow computer, and we find it exceptionally difficult to wait for a page to load; we even find it hard to wait for the microwave for more than 30 seconds! Are entire impatient generations of human beings being born? Could it be so?


“Patience is the art of concealing your impatience” Guy Kawasaki

We all have impatience, patient people are just good at dealing with it. Patient people can suppress the irritating feeling they get and deal with things in a more calm manner.

“Patience is the support of weakness; impatience the ruin of strength” Charles Caleb Colton

This saying suggests that patience is a form of weakness, that the strong are patient, and the weak are impatient. Is impatience always negative in its context however? Can’t impatience be efficient in a way that gets things done quicker? How do the benefits and drawbacks of impatience balance out.


"She wanted something to happen- something, anything; she did not know what" Kate Chopin

Our lives are increasingly attuning to this saying. It's not only that there's something we impatiently want, it's that we're starting to get confused about what that something is anymore.

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