Erasing Our Digital Past

In order to surf the internet anonymously, some technicians and internet specialists have created some programs and proxies which are available online for free.

Here's a list of some of these programs and proxies:

- AnonymSurfen: List of free online web-based proxies that can be used directly from the site.

- Provides users with a secure way to surf and browse the Internet, without monitoring and recording the sites visited.

- BrowserSpy: Provides detailed information about what your browser supports and reveals.


Nevetheless, if you are managing to erase your old online information completely from the web, there are some companies that are specialized in this in exchange for certain agreed upon frees.

Here's a list of some of these companies:

- (Source: Riva Richmond - "How to Fix or Kill Web Data About You")

According to the company's website, "monitors the users' online information, removes personal information from the web, defines the users' online presence and defends their reputation from negative content."


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- Abine

According to Austin Carr in "Delete Button for the Internet: Tool Removes Personal Info From Google, Facebook," Abine is a "MA-based online privacy company which launched DeleteMe, a delete button for the Internet." In fact, online users can pay Abine between $10 to $100 based on how complicated their online history is in order to have all their photos, blog posts, videos, search results and old accounts deleted from the internet in order to prevent websites and companies from giving online private information to advertisers.


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