Since technology is an integral part of life nowadays, there has to be research done in order to understand it better; and one of the mediums that is being scrutinized and studied is Youtube. Erik Patrick a professor of radio television and film in Northwestern University decided to dedicate and entire course to the wonders of Youtube. "YouTube and other online video sites are pervasive," said Patrick. "Since our goal in radio/TV/film is to make our students savvy consumers of media artifacts, it only makes sense that we also look at online video,” (Garthwaite).

The course will not only involve the students studying media theory and marketing techniques, but also they will need to produce a series of rough cut homemade videos and take a shot at them going viral.

Senior Marcy Capron, who plans to go into advertising, called the class extremely relevant. "Being able to make an online video go viral is incredibly important," she said. "YouTube is still the future of advertising for at least another couple of years. I could get hired solely based on my experience in this class, who knows?"

This means that the internet culture and especially Youtube, that has had an impact on pop culture, will also have an impact on world business creating a convergence between the internet, pop culture and the business world. This convergence is similar to previous junctions between business, culture and other mediums such as television or film (Druick).

Since scholars often study technologies and how integrate into societies, they often also have to study the product of those tools. The culture birthed by Youtube has had an impact on society, one of the scholars who is trying to understand that impact is Mathieu Deflem, the sociology professor in the University of South Carolina (Seelye).

Professor Deflem planned a course called “Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame” in which he studies with a sociological point of view, what makes fame and what were the factors that were needed in order for Lady Gaga to have such a sky rocket up to the charts and into world recognitions.

This course was the first of its kind but then plenty more of similar ilk followed. One of these courses is “GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity,” an introductory course to argumentative essay writing at the University of Virginia. The Professor Christa Romanosky decided to choose Lady Gaga as the theme to establish a scintillating structure for critical discussions and analysis (Tyson).

Just like any other medium in the past, the internet and especially Youtube have had a substantial effect on its users creating various internet culture and communities. Due to the structure of the internet, this culture was not restricted to a certain area; it was a global culture in which people from all around the world managed to contribute to.


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