Despite the emerging efforts that work and call for a better security and safety for our online information, I think that all the involved stakeholders should work towards this common cause. In other words, online users, websites, governments, specialized companies and internet service providers should work together to make the internet a safer place for the preservation of our online information with no privacy concerns or threats. Online users should be aware of the degree of importance of the content they are sharing otherwise this content could be used inappropraitely by other individuals. Websites and search engines specifically should put certain guidlines in order to make people knowledgeable of their privacy intentions so that people would decide if a specific website is secure or not. Similarly, governments should put specific privacy regulations that websites should abide by or follow where any website who breaks these regulations is vulnerable to specific penalties. Also, governments could initiate some campiagns to instruct people about sharing their online information safely and to use the trusted website while keeping away from the untrusted or illegal ones that could misuse this information and harm them in the long run. Regarding the companies specialized in deleting old online users' information, they should offer their services for free instead of requiring users to pay a certain fee for having their information deleted forever from the web. I know these companies would reject such an idea especially that economically speaking they could be incurring a lot of profits from such business; however, as a part of serving their online community, they could try out this idea and help those people who maybe want to delete their online information or only some excerpts from such information. Finally, internet service providers should be keen enough to collaborate with the governments in reporting any website that tend to use the information of its users inappropriately.