2010:The Year Of Social Media

A year that started with Google deciding to enter the filed of social networking websites with their “Google Buzz”. Google is also implementing social layers and services in almost all of its applications; new and old ones. By doing this, Google decided to go to war with Facebook, the current star of social media; a year that ended with Mark Zuckerberg selected by Time Magazine as the person of the year; 2010 earned the title of “ The social media Year” with all the events, campaigns, and most significant changes at different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare etc. that the year witnessed.

Here is an infographic made by MindJumpers showing highlights of social media in the year 2010. The video version includes a few more information pieces in the end.

The growth of Facebook during the year outshined all other social networks thanks to lots of improvements to the site, especially towards the end of the year. With about 600 million and growing users and thanks to the creative campaigns Facebook launched during the year, which focused the most on engaging the users. With Zuckerberg selected as the person of the year, Facebook ended the year with style.

This lead us to the question : **What would the world look like without Facebook?**